Time and the campaign

It’s simple. One session = one day.

What this means is:

  • At the start of each session characters…
    • …regain hp = level (x2 if party designated healer successfully makes a Heal skill check).
    • …heal one damaged characteristic point.
    • …have all daily powers/talents reset.
    • …prepare spells for the day. It is the player’s responsibility to make any necessary preparations or changes – if not told otherwise, I’ll presume spells prepared are same as last time..
    • …loose 1gp if staying their own room at the Inn (2 sp if staying in the common room).

Characters attending the session are presumed to be ready to adventure (or at least bum around role-playing).

Downtime is something absent PCs do (ie. when a player misses a session):

  • If a player misses a session or character is left behind, they may…
    • …spend the day resting and recovering, getting 2x level hp back (4x if a healer, npc or pc, is watching over them and makes a successful Heal check. Npcs likely will need payment and expenses covered).
    • …take a downtime action (see Ultimate Campaign Guide for options). It is the player’s responsibility to get in touch with me (the sooner the better) to determine what they’re up to and how things play out, otherwise the pc is presuming to have spent the day loafing around and not getting anything useful or meaningful done.
      Either way, character spends 1gp/sp if staying at the Inn.

I will be presuming the party retreats to a safe location (most likely back to the Inn) at the end of every session. Shopping for equipment should be done either as part of downtime or at the very start of the session – player is responsible for noting any and all changes to gear and finances – unless the group is specifically making it a key part of their activities that session (see “loafing around” above).

Time and the campaign

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