Callanro House

Callanro House, the former residence of the “adventurer” Jasra Callanro, leader of the now defunct “Dark Arrows” gang. Situated at the east side of town, right next to both Mosswater road and Echo stream (and thus is in a great position to observe the comings and goings of all traffic coming through the eastern end of town), the house has a bad reputation due to the previous owners who had cut a bloody swath of banditry and murder for years along the Sellen River before being hunted down by the Black Eagles of Lambreth. Since then the house has been a source of rumors for the gossipy, as locals whisper of hidden bandit treasure, and ghosts. Though the proprietor of the Greenwood Inn, Shandar Tullman, held ownership of the place for several years, he never found any evidence of a lost fortune, but no one has been willing to rent the place because of the hauntings either, not past the coming of the New Moon in any case (likely why he was so easily persuaded to part with it when our heroes were looking for a new home).

Earnings: if used to generate resources as a business during downtime, the house can generate gp +6, Goods or Influence +4, or Labor +8. This may be limited by which rooms are being used for business purposes, and which are being retained for private use.

Value: The house cost is as follows – 29 Goods, 4 Influence, 29 Labor (or 1280 gp).

Rooms: the building consists of the following – 1 Bunks, 1 Kitchen, 1 Lavatory, 1 Sitting Room, and 1 Storage Room. An Alchemical Lab is currently under construction.

The Bunks area consists of several rooms that can house up to 10 people in a cramped, if not comfortable fashion with enough beds or cots, linens, chamber pots, and chests with poor locks for all. The room can be upgraded to Lodgings.

The sitting room gives a bonus of +1 to all Bluff, Diplomacy, Intimidate, Knowledge (Local) and Perform checks to the host(s) to influence or learn about guests.

The storage area has an average lock. it can be upgraded to an Office or Vault.

The lavatory, a simple outhouse, gives a +2 to saves vs. disease that might be contracted in town.

Callanro House

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