Peril in Echo Wood

9: Come down to the Lab...

Thornkeep level 2: The Forgotten Laboratory

Winter, Wealday, 19th of Calistril, 4714

PCs: Alkor, Vaotu, Brimstone, Vark, Bavolin, Cask, Shirly, Soyala, Max and Doc!

After much dithering in town over supplies for rebuilding and refurbishing the house, as well as receiving the bad news that Greenforest Inn is out of food thanks to the recent rat invasion, the gang heads back down to investigate the lower levels they had discovered beyond the Scrying Pool chamber, joined now by Doctor Huskr Grott, a half-orc “doctor-lady” they had made the acquaintance of when they needed someone to tend those left behind due to injuries over the last several days. Doc seems to have become fond of several of the gang, especially Vaotu (because he squirms when she flirts), and Vark (because he likes hitting things as much as she does).

The first chamber they find holds a foul-smelling pool, which as they attempt to skirt it proves to be inhabited with translucent grey oozes that sprout tendrils to attack. Fighting back, Several are yanked into the pool, and Doc is nearly killed, but she gives as good as she gets, and the oozes are splattered. Pausing to heal up and mend their gear, they study the two exits, and eventually decide to try the less ostentatious wooden door, as opposed to the more intimidating double stone doors flanked by terracotta statues.

Heading down a short hallway, they find a small winged creature throwing a lever, unleashing a hoard of freakishly mutated Goblins that immediately attack! The winged thing flits away in the confusion, leaving the adventurers to fight their way through the strange, psychotic little monsters…


GrendelTodd GrendelTodd

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