Peril in Echo Wood

7: Kneel before Zog

Thornkeep level 1: The Accursed Halls

(Winter, Moonday, 17th of Calistril, 4714)

PCs: Alkor, Vaotu, Brimstone, Vark, Bavolin, Max, Soyala.

With a brief discussion of the absence of merchants in town (many having journeyed to do business at Fort Inevitable due to the upcoming Chelaxian holiday, Loyalty Day) while waiting for a brief blizzard to let up, the gang returns to finish exploring the final unexplored room of the Accursed Halls, discounting what ever may be hidden behind the Door of Seven Stars. This proves to be a simple stone chamber dominated by a large, partially melted statue. Before a true investigation of the room may begin however, the party is ambushed by three cricket-like creatures the size of dogs, each infected with some strange fungal growth. The monsters prove to be the most dangerous menace yet; though none lose their life, nearly all shed some blood and many lose consciousness over the course of the battle. Still, the insects are overcome, and climbing the statue reveals a hidden cavity containing a magical shortsword, which they soon identify as the legendary goblin blade of the lost Zog Empire that once dominated the Echo Woods region. After some discussion, the party agrees to hand it over to Cask, who smiles from ear to ear, thinking grand Goblin dreams best not mentioned to others…

Heading back through the Hall of Eight Demons, the gang resolve the puzzle of the Door of Seven Stars with their odd collection of gems and stones. Beyond they find a scrying pool, but with no one they particularly want to spy on, the magic proves of little use, and they return to the Inn for another night’s rest.


GrendelTodd GrendelTodd

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