Peril in Echo Wood

6: Goblin Rampage!

Thornkeep level 1: The Accursed Halls

(Winter, Sunday, 16th of Calistril, 4714)

PCs: Alkor, Vaotu, Cask, Brimstone, Vark, Shirly, Bavolin, Max, Soyala.

The gang returns the following day, making plans to use the ladder cross the crevasse. Eventually it is agreed they will send Vaotu across to lower it down, carry it across and set it up again so everyone can wade through the water.

Reaching the next chamber, containing a fishpond and many, many stairs, they hear Goblins above, rolling dice and laughing. They attempt to sneak up and ambush the little biters, but are heard, and the Goblins start raining arrows down from above, making their assent hazardous. . Still, with numbers on their side, and ample cover, they manage to storm the upper terrace, where they slaughter all but one, who – though injured, flees screaming warning to others some distance beyond before he can be caught and killed.

Following, they find another unfinished room filled with evidence of a Goblin camp, but no apparent Goblins. Goblins are notorious hiders though, and most of the gang are caught unawares when the Goblins strike – more so when one of them starts belching fire! Still, even with equal numbers the Goblins prove no match and are quickly overwhelmed. Collecting the little green menaces treasures and splitting the loot as best they may, the gang again retreat for the day.


GrendelTodd GrendelTodd

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