Peril in Echo Wood

4: Why does the clown cry?

Thornkeep level 1: The Accursed Halls

(Winter, Fireday, 14th of Calistril, 4714)

PCs: Alkor, Vaotu, Cask, Brimstone, Vark, Shirly, Kouloz, Max.

Market Day comes and the gang stops at the village green to purchase supplies. Brimstone takes one of the skeleton guardian’s broken glaves and shields to give to a random Goblin, saying these as tribute to your chief, and tell him it comes from Brimstone!" Business done, the gang returns to where they left off in the Accursed Halls.

At the Door of Seven Stars the group pauses to experiment with Max’s emerald ring nad the blue shards of ceramic from the pool room, just to see if the pieces will fit (which they do).

Traveling back to the pool room and up the stairs, they find a magically silenced chamber containing a statue of of the Demon Lord Abraxis, to which Brimstone gives reverence. Not wishing to linger with a skittish mule on unhallowed ground, the group continues onward.

The next chamber proves to be a tomb, complete with scattered sarcophagi and three dead adventurers. As they move to investigate the three adventurers rise up and attack! The first two prove difficult enough, but when the third strikes Kurloz down, they find their own companion rising up and an undead himself just moments later, and the gang realizes they have more than zombies to deal with, but wights as well. A fierce and spirited battle allows them to put all the undead to rest again, including their newly deceased comrade. On the corpse of one they find the ring of a missing Ustilavian Knight, which they pocket to turn in for a reward recently seen over on the Wanted board over in front of the Blue Basilisk’s Hall. Mutilating the bodies to ensure no chance of returning a second time, the gang heads back out into town to collect their reward and bury their dead.


GrendelTodd GrendelTodd

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