Peril in Echo Wood

2: Beware of Goblin Men

Thornkeep level 1: The Accursed Halls

(Winter, Oathday, 13th of Calistril, 4714)

PCs: Alkor, Max, Shirly, Soyala, Vark, Cask, Kouloz, Vaotu.

Brimstone slips off, introducing two strangers as old friends to take his place for the time-being. While some suspicions are entertained, the newly reformed party moves on to investigate the Hall of Demons. Seeing only one door at the far end and an opening with stairs, they move to investigate the latter, at which point they are ambushed by Goblins! A pair strike at Alkor and Vaotu in the lead while another pair strike at Soyala and Shirly’s mule in the rear, leaving Max, Alkor, Soyala and Vark to be targeted by four more firing bows from the terrace above. After a long and bloody fight the Goblins are driven off (in no small part thanks to the frightening kicks of Shirly’s newly-named mule, “Goblin-eating Demon”), but not without depleting the party’s healing reserves AND STILL leaving them battered and bruised. Though loot gained from one of the Goblins cheers them some (as Max takes the emerald ring, Soyala is given a potion, and each of the others collects 60 gp), they still decided it would be best to retreat to the Inn to rest and recuperate.


GrendelTodd GrendelTodd

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